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Rugs Collection

A rug is a floor covering used for warmth, comfort, and decorative purposes. It comes in various sizes, materials, and designs, and is an important aspect of interior design.

Quilt Collection

A quilt is a type of bedding made up of three layers: a decorative top layer, a layer of batting for warmth, and a backing layer.

Canvas Art Collection

Canvas art is a popular form of wall decor that adds visual interest and style to a living room

Who are we?

Who are we?

Starting from 2020, we started from a team with only 4 people selling online on e-commerce platforms. Realizing the potential of selling home decor products, we decided to get together and form the company and lease an office located at 3807 Statesville Ave Charlotte NC 28206 US . Our main staff are designers who create amazing designs. Our main products include: carpets, bedding sets, canvas... We have continuously expanded our product categories.


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