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Last Update: 2/11/2023 8:19:07 AM

Our Story

Imagine, one day you go through a furniture store, you will find the inside of the room will be displayed very reasonably. Or when you go to a friend's house, if the interior is designed, you will also have to say wowwww.

And there will be one thing in common in interior decoration: personalized printed items will attract more attention. For example, if you go into a room with a white carpet without a pattern, you will find the interior monotonous. But if you walk into a room with a carpet printed with a majestic waterfall, you will immediately be attracted to that rug. So, the simplest way to upgrade your living space is with personalized printed items. And at we specialize in selling such products.

We've sold home decor products in the past, but those were just plain white rugs, or plain pink bedding sets that didn't stand out. Until we adopted the POD (Print On Demand) model, we had our own design patterns. And customers only need to choose the designs that suit their preferences and living space. The rest of our work is just printing those product samples and sending them to customers.

About us

Starting from 2020, we started from a team with only 4 people selling online on e-commerce platforms. Realizing the potential of selling home decor products, we decided to get together and form the company and lease an office located at 3807 Statesville Ave Charlotte NC 28206 US . Our main staff are designers who create amazing designs. Our main products include: carpets, bedding sets, canvas... We have continuously expanded our product categories.